crocus blue – – haiku

crocus blue

where a rabbit went

in the snow



©️2021 Ontheland

*It’s thought that rabbit urine turns blue when they nibble buckthorn. Whatever the cause, the blue adds a brilliant colour to the snow.

Tecophilaea cyancrocus by Magnus Manske

6 thoughts on “crocus blue – – haiku

    1. Thanks nan. The dietary source of the brilliantly blue (crocus blue) urine is thought to be buckthorn, a shrub that is not overly tasty (or so I’ve read) but that they’ll eat when the weather is cold and alternatives are limited.


  1. Thank you, Denis. The dietary source of the blue is actually a shrub called buckthorn. Apparently the stems are not overly tasty but they will eat them at this time of year when hungry. The association with the blue crocus is only the brilliant colour.

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