January 14, 2021 – – haibun

As another grey day winds down, I hide in a new writing corner. This is my first, and hopefully, last pandemic winter. Last year, the infamous 2020, covid 19 may have been lurking in January, but no whistle had been blown. It wasn’t until mid-March on the cusp of spring that the World Health Organization declared a world pandemic.

Cold, damp, and dry, winter is our flu season, the time people typically get colds and flu so it is no surprise that COVID numbers are skyrocketing. I have been staying home but as of today it’s mandatory in Ontario…the pressure on society and the suffering of many is palpable, my salvation being gratitude for food, shelter, a home and so far, good health.

COVID winter

in the deep freeze dreaming

a Pfizer jab



©️2021 Ontheland

9 thoughts on “January 14, 2021 – – haibun

  1. Its interesting that I got no colds this last year, or maybe it makes perfect sense. I will definitely continue washing my hands, something I’ve done more of in the last year than in my entire life. (K)

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    1. Thank you, Denis. I’m glad you connected even though you’re in COVID summer. I considered the reality of COVID’s two seasons in two hemispheres and opted to stay rooted in my location…international sharing adds challenges for both writers and readers!

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