the visit – – haibun

The other day I was towelling off after a shower when I noticed a shape at the window. I lifted the curtain and there before me was a white hen. She had clearly wandered from someone’s coop. With a gaze, both casual and intense, she pecked at the glass as if she wanted to come in. Though unsuccessful in finding her owner, we found a family willing to add her to their flock.



winter night

I wonder about

the visiting hen



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20 thoughts on “the visit – – haibun

    1. She was very tame. When I went outside she had sheltered under the trees but she came out and started to follow me. So I led her to a cold frame (shelter for plants) where she could be protected from predators and receive some food and water. She made quite an impression on me. I’ve never engaged with a hen before 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Denis. Yes it was quite an experience. I believe she was looking for warmth and safety and we did our best to shelter her until we found a home. With dropping temperatures and coy wolves out there I am sure she would not have lasted long.


    1. Thanks…yes even though there are a lot more people around here keeping chickens than I thought I was surprised we didn’t find where she came from. It was a relief to find a woman willing to add her to her coop.

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