The Great Conjunction – – haibun

Last night, December 21, 2020, was the night of a rare astronomical event. Some were calling it the ‘Christmas Star’ or ‘Solstice Star’ but neither description is quite right as the ‘Great Conjunction’ refers to the alignment of two planets, Jupiter and Saturn. They were to be bright lights in the southwestern sky near the moon. One writeup compared their brightness to the star followed by the three Wise Men thousands of years ago.


my winter solstice . . .

moon and stars

cloaked by clouds


Though not a surprise after a day of rain, it was a disappointment. Today the sun has returned. Perhaps I will see Saturn and Jupiter tonight.

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22 thoughts on “The Great Conjunction – – haibun

    1. We have had some clear night skies recently and Orion is wonderfully clear. I have been seeing the planets the last few months but sadly the clouds covered up the night they were closest to each other. I found it interesting to read bloggers all over the globe reporting rain and clouds on Solstice night!

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    1. Yes, I think I saw the two planets in the prior weeks too. I have since reminded myself that though many hyped events are concealed by clouds there is much to enjoy under clear skies whether making the headlines or not. Happy New Year!


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