Here, there, everywhere

With coffers emptied and promises broken we find ourselves unprepared for another virus surge. We may not be able to afford a sharp lockdown but what will it cost us to stay open?

November blues

cracked earth

from summer drought



©️2020 Ontheland

4 thoughts on “Here, there, everywhere

  1. A poignant haiku Janice. Our second wave lockdown in Melbourne along with curfew and mandatory masks and mass testing took 3 months and cost billions but now we are on 16 days of 0 cases and 0 deaths. People before $. Governments can print money and borrow in these low interest times. Stay safe.

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    1. Thank you, Denis. Canada’s total numbers are surging but there are specific hot spots including the most populated urban areas (not where I live yet, but I continue to keep my outings as far apart as possible). Our provincial government is trying to pinpoint areas but I fear may not be responding fast enough this time. And people are resisting because things just started opening up again at the end of summer and now pressure is on again to limit all contacts.


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