warm spell – – haiku

warm breezes

circling once more

a drowsy wasp




©️2020 Ontheland

5 thoughts on “warm spell – – haiku

  1. Thank you Lemuel! I notice reading here on my phone app that WordPress doesn’t show my line breaks though they do show in the web browser….(this haiku was written in three lines, not as a monoku) I have no idea which version is on your screen of course! :))


  2. Beautiful imagery Janice. I noticed in my blogging absence that the WordPress nerds have messed around with the functionality for text and layout. It seems this has one lined your haiku, this is how it comes upm on my IMAC screen however it is still a beautiful haiku and some Japanese compose in this format so you still win.

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    1. Thank you, Denis. ‘Messed around with the functionality’ says it all. It’s the inconsistency across platforms that I find most annoying. Oh well, as you say, haiku can be decipherable in one line even when a different layout is intended.


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