red-tinged peppers – – haiku

red-tinged peppers . . .

the trailing embers

of summer sun



©️2020 Ontheland

Haikai Challenge #155 – – remaining heat

17 thoughts on “red-tinged peppers – – haiku

    1. Great! The peppers I am growing this year ripen to orange (from green to orange) but red-tinged rolls off my tongue easier than orange-tinged. Usually I grow red peppers but I gave small orange ones a try this year. The process is the same…hoping for sufficient heat and sun to coax out the full ripe colour and there has been, but the sun has been hiding lately. The final pick will have splashes of orange but probably more green unless we get another wave of sun soon!

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      1. My small orange peppers did well this summer but the last ones won’t ripen fully unless there is another sunny heat wave. My pepper theory is that because of the short growing season here, smaller varieties are more likely to reach their mature colour.


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