from above – – haibun

On the ball again . . . my stability ball. I think of the tiny creatures I can barely see, blending in with the dark garden soil. I first notice them when they move. The other day I pulled out my camera when I saw a miniature frog in the back garden. Each time I hovered from above, it hopped away.

finding Waldo

hidden in the weeds

a tiny frog



Now it’s your turn. Waldo is hiding in each photo.

©️2020 Ontheland

12 thoughts on “from above – – haibun

  1. I love this. The tiny little creature perfectly fitting into its world literally under our feet. Earlier this week I saw a small snake slither across my path when I was mowing the grass (luckily not hitting it) and it was hidden again in the grass almost before I saw it

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    1. The smallness of the frogs surprises me…large for a bug perhaps but very tiny for a frog. Now I’m wondering how small some snakes might be… but I don’t do well with snakes…my startle response is embarrassing.


      1. The snake I saw earlier this week was more like a large worm, except snake shaped with the tapered tail. and I would not have noticed him if he had been still, but with his twisty motion as he hurried off into the grass, he was very apparent. I am afraid of big snakes like copperheads and so on, sensibly, but these little snakes, are usually garter or small black snakes and no threat. And they way they move is fascinating.

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