tall shadows

tall shadows

flickering on the wall

porch moths



©️2020 Ontheland

7 thoughts on “tall shadows

  1. Now I agonized whether I should make this comment or not, but then I thought, soon I might be dead, and then where would my comment be?
    Because you are named Janice, and you have a blog called “Ontheland” I shall, and this will be the last time forever, provide you with the link to my next batch of poems: https://mmpmagicmodernizationproject.com/the-first-haiku-not-true-haiku-short-poems-really/
    And in my mind you are of a certain age and you look a certain way, and you certainly cannot imagine how intense my eyes can be. You have a partner and pets and a house and children and a wonderful garden and friends and there is a church and….yeah, I know, I don’t know shit about you at all. You have probably never been unfaithful, addicted to drugs and alcohol, walked home barefoot from the sheriff’s station at 2 in the morning with a bleeding head after being arrested when your drunken friend crashed his grandfather’s car.

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  2. And in 2017, when I started the blog, the first poem I ever wrote was inspired by something I witnessed while walking down the beach across the street from my Florida apartment:
    Poor Little Turtle

    sunny shelly noontime beach

    seagull drops its lunch

    little baby turtle

    fails to escape

    That’s all, sorry to you and all your 1,922 followers for something strange and different. (Now shall I head to the west and remain Galadriel?)

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    1. Always sad to see a small animal become a bird’s snack…even though that’s how it is. The number of followers doesn’t necessarily indicate the number of readers as people sometimes follow you in an attempt to get you to notice them. You seem to have a flare for little poems. If you haven’t already, you might want to check out Ronovan Writes which provides weekly haiku prompts. Other people participating will go to your blog to read your haiku, especially if you take the time to read theirs. I currently participate in the weekly Haikai Challenge run by Frank Tassone and you can easily find the link to his site on the bottom of some of my posts. Frank’s site would be a good one to follow as he writes haiku daily and reblogs posts from many other haiku writers. Hope this is of interest 🙂


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