stepping into the car that holds his children . . .

under what circumstances would shooting a man in the back eight times at close range be a reasonable action for a police officer?

are men in uniform not held responsible?


the long whir of the fan

into the night



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Researchers have collected stats about police shootings in the United States. The hundreds of people killed by police each year (many unarmed) and the disproportionate number of black victims is troubling.

Here are two informative links:


Report of Police Integrity Research Group, Bowling Green State University

13 thoughts on “JACOB BLAKE

    1. I can’t think of any circumstances either …except very extreme scenarios of immediate danger(such as a nuclear weapon) which obviously was not part of this situation…mere suspension of the perpetrators seems ridiculous. They should be in jail, but police rarely get convicted even when charged.

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    1. Yes, and here in Canada racism and police violence are also a problem. I agree with those that suggest that the whole concept of policing needs to be reformed. Everyone should feel safe and protected while people of colour and other marginalized ‘groups’ often feel threatened. I’m sick of hearing about police brutality. The only good thing is that perhaps more of these incidents are coming to light because more people are speaking up and because cell phones allow video recording which unlike witness accounts cannot be as easily denied.

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  1. It is frightening… and I hope the situation doesn’t escalate further. Dangerous times. From afar, it is possibly wrong for me to be critical but it does seem as if one wears a uniform you can use a gun as the first tactic, sadly go often its the last.

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    1. It is terrible and tragic. Amazingly the young man, Jacob Blake, is alive though paralyzed from the waist down. I have just read that he is chained to the bed. The insanity of this whole situation is endless.


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