dripping leaves – – haiku

dripping leaves . . .

a muted insect chorus

after the rain



Haikai Challenge #152 – – Katydid

We have a multi-layered chorus outside our door, including not only katydids, but also crickets, grasshoppers, cicadas, frogs, and birds near and far. The chorus ebbs and flows with changing intensities and participants. Below is a photo of a katydid I spotted one day in August 2015:

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10 thoughts on “dripping leaves – – haiku

  1. I’ve been thinking about how life (like books, songs, movies, conversations….) is a connected series of fragments, like haikus. The breathing in is a haiku, the breathing out as well, the little breeze that the breath blows into, the damp earth that the breeze blows over, the little puddle that the rain made, the earthworm trying to breath.

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