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The library email announces they have reopened. I may pick up the item that was on hand just before the lockdown. An excursion! I roll into the deserted community centre parking lot and spot the curbside sign with the library phone number. I obediently dial and speak to a librarian who will bring my item out to the cart near the door—about 10 metres away from where I am parked. When she comes outside we exchange waves and smiles. She disappears into the building. This is my cue to get out of my car and walk to the cart. There waiting for me is a brown paper bag with my name on it. I notice a container of Lysol wipes and a hand sanitizer pump next to it…part of a disinfection decor? “Perhaps I should get out more often” I muse as I walk back to my car.

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19 thoughts on “reopening – – haibun

  1. Our libraries are thinking about opening, I know of one only with a firm plan starting next week, and it involves making an appointment and external pickup as you described. My local one, no word yet. I am thinking of starting to reread my home collection. I only buy very favorite books so I don’t have too many and I’ve already reread some earlier. I need familiarity now. But I do hope we get the library open soon. The world will seem a little more in balance if I know it’s there, surrealities notwithstanding.

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    1. This was a DVD that was on hold for family viewing (the two of us and the dogs)… the library expands our viewing beyond Netflix. Anyway, though I won’t be bothering to put in new holds for now because online booking is paused, I won’t refuse any offers if they come up. I want to help keep the staff busy 🙂

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  2. How bizarre. My library is open a few hours a day but I havn’t been yet. All the shops over here have bottles of sansitizer on stands just inside the door. You have to use it before you can come in.

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    1. It did feel strange even though there is a COVID reason for everything. I like places that have the sanitizer for use when you go in and leave (actually the only places I’ve been besides the library are the car mechanic and the grocery store).

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      1. I haven’t been to the mechanics. I went to Kmart today because I really needed a pillow. It was weird. Loads of empty racks from everyone buying stuff while more products from overseas haven’t arrived! The hand santizer was good though. A new device you don’t have to touch. You just put your hand underneath and some squirts into your palm.

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      2. The mechanics visit was for oil change and switching from winter tires to summer tires…unavoidable unfortunately….it’s an eye opener venturing out every now and again. Things are opening up even more now in the part of Ontario that I live in with social distancing and masks still recommended/required. I’m hoping people will continue to heed the precautions.


      3. It’s weird out there, that’s for sure. I can only take brief forays into it all. We haven’t had to wear face masks here for we isolated early. I still thinking we are opening up too soon though and fear a second wave.

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      4. Over time masks caught on over here … advice went from almost negative to being mildly positive. When I first went to the store I wore the homemade scarf and elastics solution shown in a video by the US Surgeon general and now I have a couple of manufactured fabric masks on hand. In some places masks are or will be requested. And if everyone considers the possibility of a second wave it will be less likely to happen.


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