May moon – – haibun

Back in my twenties I wasn’t attuned to the moon and seasons as I am now. My observations, if any, were unconscious, while closer to the surface were my preoccupations with school, work, and relationships. I do have one memory though of considering seasonal patterns as I paced the long road leading to school, while taking long breaths to quell anxiety. It was May and it was snowing. I said to myself “remember this: it can snow in May” and sure enough, in 2020, the year of the extraordinary, we are expecting snow tonight.

flower moon

absorbing daffodil glow

before the snow



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23 thoughts on “May moon – – haibun

    1. 20 C would be quite warm (for here in southern Ontario at this time) but 20 Fahrenheit would be quite cold. The temp is going down to -1 C tonight here and we’ve already had snow and freezing rain…cheers!

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    1. Thanks Suzanne. You are having strange weather too! I guess that has been one of our new ‘normals’ for a while but each variation always brings surprise. Best wishes 🌷


      1. It’s supposed to snow in the hills down to 800 metres here today! It’s cold but calm here at 8am so time will tell what happens. It’s very early in the year for us to be getting such cold weather. There were heavy snow falls in the mountains last week.

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      2. So you are getting colder weather but on the other side of winter! I didn’t realize that you were at an altitude for possible snow. It should be interesting. Our snow came and has mostly melted but I did take some pictures.


      3. I live at sea level so don’t get the snow here but it does occur during the winter months in The Great Dividing Range – a long chain of mountains that separates the coastal plain from the drier interior. It runs down the east coast of Australia the bends around the south east corner. The higher peaks are covered with snow from about June to September most years. I used to live the mountains so I always take an interest when there is talk of snow there. Down here closer to the sea we get the brunt of the winter gales that blow up from Antarctica. They are arrived much earlier than usual this year. I hope this isn’t too much information :). I do tend to get a bit obsessed with weather.

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    1. Yes, it was a ‘remember this’ memory as will be this whole pandemic situation I expect … probably in some formal way as we remember wars.


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