cherry blossoms – – haiku

park closure . . .

cherry blossoms open

in solitude



©️2020 Ontheland

Haikai Challenge #136

In Toronto they will be closing High Park when cherry blossoms bloom in early May…to prevent the usual crowds of spectators which would undoubtedly be a COVID 19 risk. The city may be offering a video or livestream so that blossom fans may at least witness this year’s spectacle from home. A video from Sakura Watch describes the situation:

9 thoughts on “cherry blossoms – – haiku

    1. Thank you, Frank…I didn’t link to the challenge because at the last moment I realized the prompt was ‘late cherry blossoms’ and I didn’t touch on lateness (in this area north of you the blossoms typically don’t come out until around now or early May and now with all the rain we’re expecting I’m not sure what will happen)…anyway maybe I’m being too technical. I’ll add on my link.

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  1. Janice, it makes sense to close the park and what a good idea to offer videos of the blossom instead … we seem to be travelling a lot via our screens these days! Our cherry tree in the garden was glorious tins April and only now are cherry petals adorning the lawn with a white/pink dusting!

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