super moon – – haiku

April distancing

the moon swings by



April super moon setting at dawn April 7

©️2020 Ontheland

10 thoughts on “super moon – – haiku

  1. Good morning! here’s my Haiku question. I have entered a “haiku challenge” (informal) through the Adirondack Center for writing for the month of April. they give us a 3 line, 5-7-5 syllable framework for Haiku. I notice you don’t use that. is there a standard? I’m just trying to learn more about this format as I try my hand at a few for this “Haiku Challenge”. Thanks!

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    1. The first writers of haiku in English followed 575 emulating the guidelines of Classical Japanese haiku. These days many haiku writers are aware of syllables but do not feel constrained by count.
      Saying that, 575 is a type of English haiku and of course if that is what a challenge calls for, that it is what you provide. I started writing haiku with 575 and feel it helped me get into the form.

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    1. Thank you, Nan…the setting moon was a beautiful sight…hard to capture with a phone but I’m happy you got a hint of it. We had cloud cover that evening and last night it was visible but wreathed with clouds.


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