first spring night

first spring night

below the crescent moon

a world pandemic



©️2020 Ontheland

Haikai Challenge #130 – Spring Equinox

14 thoughts on “first spring night

  1. I wish it were a pandemic of peace or love or the like. I like the image of the moon looking down on us. Since childhood I have seen the moon as a protector (I guess because when I woke up in the night it was so often there, shining down at me). If it would send down some healing rays, even just of calmness, that would be a nice thing to think about.

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    1. We can hope that perhaps this pandemic will mold our cultures in positive ways. Calm and concern for others (as well as self) in the face of recognized danger are essential for survival (as opposed to panic, denial and selfishness, for example)
      take care, Janice


      1. Thank you, Claudia … good health to you too. Avoiding the virus requires increasing mindfulness… unless one can avoid all contact with the outside world…

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