wolf pups – – haiku

wolf pups cry

helpless in their dark den

three dogs growl



©️2020 Ontheland

4 thoughts on “wolf pups – – haiku

    1. Yes. At night over the last while we have heard sounds in the night that sound like coywolf pups…of course we can never know for sure what we are hearing but sometimes it sounds quite traumatic…there are people around here who go out with guns to reduce the coywolf population…The dogs I refer to are ours, the ones safe in our house with blankets…they have very keen ears and hear what we hear and more…sometimes showing their concern with growls or barking.

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  1. What is it with guns as solutions. We have much stricter laws here thank goodness, however our state government still allows a duck shooting , (controlled!!!) season to happen against overwhelming criticism.

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    1. We have a few hunting seasons around here and poaching. I don’t know the details…killing animals for sport or to cull a population is not something I support (to put it mildly).


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