love – – haiku


the Saint with a bird

in his hand



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On his journey to the Interior Basho visited a temple dedicated to a bodhisattva of compassion:

“…he enshrined an image of the bodhisattva Kannon here, naming the temple Nata, … A small thatch-roof temple built on a rock among boulders and twisted pines, Nata lingers in the mind:

Whiter than the stones

of Stone Mountain Temple–

autumn wind blows”

Basho, “Narrow Road to the Interior,” translated by Sam Hamill, the Essential Basho, p. 31, an excerpt from Frank Tassone’s Day 22 selection for “November with Basho”

St Francis of Assis was declared Patron Saint of Ecology by Pope John Paul II.

The St Francis statue photo was uploaded to Pixabay by ChristineKohler.

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