December – – haibun

December. As the temperature plummets, my bedroom window freezes shut. Once again I pull out wool sweaters, wool socks, snow pants and mittens. On a clear night the curved edge of the moon and gleaming stars emit a bell-like ring…small pleasures…and solstice will soon be here. Then the sun will shine a fraction of a minute longer each day…a slow reversal barely visible until spring, yet it is a knowledge that will help my spirit stay afloat. How often does this happen—an imperceptible shift to light just as darkness feels like forever?


in deep winter I wait

for the sun’s return



©️2019 Ontheland

Haikai Challenge #115 Advent

17 thoughts on “December – – haibun

    1. Thanks…I find it very interesting that the winter solstice, the day often called ‘first day of winter’ is actually when the retreat of daylight reverses.


      1. Yes, I have thought that same thing. To me winter starts on about December 1 and ends on March 1, more or less, so 12/21 is just kind of out there as an almost random day (though I understand why it is not). It really does seem we need to call it something else, like, the bottom of the year, or something (I visualize the year as a circle like a clock and 12/21 is at 6 pm for me, don’t know why).

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      2. I like that: “the bottom of the year”. The more I watch the seasons I realize how slippery they are…change constantly in process…with boundaries blurring. Here it certainly feels like winter ….it already was feeling like winter but the arrival of December made it indisputable.

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