thanksgiving – – haibun

A second Thanksgiving is on its way. The first was our Canadian holiday on the second Monday of October. The second, the American holiday, arrives this week on the 4th Thursday of November.

I find myself embracing another reminder to contemplate gratitude, a source of solace when loss rears its head. I may be declining in some ways, but my mind is still intact, I am still active, I am free of chronic pain. I was born after two world wars in a peaceful part of the globe with clean tap water, indoor plumbing, ample electricity, fresh food, access to medical care, a public school system and much more. My childhood may not have been perfect but my parents were good responsible people. I was born with and retain the capacity to love, to breathe, to hope for another day. Today my glass is more than half full.

snowmelt . . .

leaf rot and mud underfoot

I count my blessings

inside this warm house

with soup on the stove



©2019 Ontheland

Haikai Challenge #114 Thanksgiving

21 thoughts on “thanksgiving – – haibun

    1. Ha Ha to your closing comment Denis 🙂
      Two climates with extremes…too bad you can’t share some of that extra summer heat with our winters… though on a more serious note, I hope our winters stay cold to keep populations of new disease bearing ticks and mosquitoes in check.


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