Halloween . . .

autumn’s sugarfest

candy wraps for

monster jaws

looming in the dark



©️2019 Ontheland


Image credit: Henryleester offered at Pixabay.com


Haikai Challenge #110 – Halloween

10 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. I love the Haiku Janice and what a symbolic image. Its about to hit off here in 2 minutes. The Kindergarten across the road is a starting point for halloween mobs to hit the streets. There will be some sick kids out there soon!!!!!

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    1. Thank you. It sounds like the kindergarten children are going out to trick or treat during the day ? And of course because of the time difference you’re well ahead of us. The weather is not expected to be cooperating here tonight with rain, cold and high winds.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. A hot Halloween! I hadn’t thought of your different season for the event. I remember getting dressed in warm clothing such as snow pants to go out on Halloween night as a child.


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