after – – haiku

rustling treetops . . .

winter still on the wind

after election day



©️2019 Ontheland

Canada’s federal election was on Monday, October 21, 2019.

6 thoughts on “after – – haiku

  1. Yes, unfortunately our election results didn’t turn up my hope dial. We went from a majority Liberal government to a minority Liberal government. I’ve been telling myself to be grateful that the Conservatives didn’t get to form the next government (in either a majority or minority position). The party with the most solid strategies for global warming, the Green Party, has advanced from one seat to three (sigh).
    Of course only time will tell if there is any effective cooperation between the parties or just politicized squabbling.


    1. Thank you, Denis. I was very disappointed by Trudeau’s last term. On the one hand he says he is on board to address climate change and on the other hand we still subsidize the oil industry and under his lead the government purchased the trans mountain pipeline! His government is a minority government, holding more seats than any other party but the Conservative party is not far behind. So to get legislation through, the Liberals will need support from other parties such as the Conservatives, NDP (left of center or Bloc Québécois. The Greens only have 3 seats. ‘Interesting’ times to come.


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