flying low – – haiku

flying low a donut clutched by a beak



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13 thoughts on “flying low – – haiku

    1. Hey Denis, you didn’t ask me but my 2 cents. I can’t speak for the word monoku, but single line haiku go back to the very first translations over a hundred years ago. By in large, the haiku is considered a single line form in Japan. That said, it’s also thought of as having a tripartite form; and one does (I don’t know with what frequency) find it written as three vertical lines in Japanese. Hiroake Sato strongly believes all Japanese haiku should be translated as one line while Japanese colleagues (of his) believe they should be translated as three lines (reflecting the tripartite nature of the poem). Both believe the other doesn’t accurately represent the nature of the haiku. So—even the Japanese can’t agree. You do, occasionally, find English writers of haiku touting their one line poems as “true haiku”, and this has been going on for decades. So, long story short, English language “monoku” may be a new term, but single line haiku go back to the first tranlations (to the 19th century I think?).


      1. about monoku…I replied to Denis’s question as well…you may be following this thread but just in case you’re not, thought you might be interested in more background in light of your previous quips 😉


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