tall – – haiku

tall dark forms

on the periphery

wild turkeys



©️2019 Ontheland

4 thoughts on “tall – – haiku

  1. I read this as humorous. Maybe it’s the afternoon and the sun’s shadows lengthen. One sees the shadows first, tall dark forms, only discover they’re short, fat turkeys at the periphery of the field. 🙂

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  2. For me there was a second take, slightly different though …not looking directly out the kitchen window, my side vision suddenly detected unusual darkness on the driveway. I looked out and was delighted to see some large turkeys at the end of the drive enjoying the puddles. These wild birds are large and sleek, not fat…perhaps two feet high (rough estimate) … taller than any other birds wandering around here 😉 As usual I tried to take photos through the screen but the distance was too great to get a clear image…and I know that the second I open the door they run away (they are very cautious and have excellent hearing).


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