autumn winds – – haiku

autumn winds —

diesel fumes drifting

from the farms



©️2019 Ontheland

8 thoughts on “autumn winds – – haiku

  1. I like this so much for the filling in I needed to do – why the diesel, oh it is harvest time and the machines, etc…and a picture was painted in my mind complete with smells and the feel of the wind. Fantastic.

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    1. Thanks, Claudia. Yes it is a busy time of year…you see more large farm machinery on the roads more often and even if you don’t see them you can’t miss the odour of activity…after moving from the city I was disappointed at first (now more resigned) that the ‘sweet country air’ I had expected was tainted..

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      1. I’m laughing a bit about the sweet country air. I grew up out in the country (that was changing to suburbs at the time) and you could have a neighborhood of brand new houses next to an existing farm. I think everyone moving to our area at that time had experienced what you did!

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