autumn – – tanka

autumn stroll

years later by the limestone hall

from student dorms

jumbled memories call

this old place my onetime home



©️2019 Ontheland

9 thoughts on “autumn – – tanka

    1. Wow that would be something for me to visit the university libraries and other places…major memory zaps. I lived far away for decades but now I’m out in the country about 30 minutes away…


      1. If you do it be prepared to see ghosts. I know. Sounds crazy. But I found the experience of doing last week’s Marathon session in my college library almost disturbing. I felt in between two realities both just as real, the past and today. And really, the past is the one I felt was the real reality. Kind of odd feeling.

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      2. Doesn’t sound crazy to me…just from walking outside the residence, I know going into the stacks where I spent hours would ignite a dormant reality…it would have to happen in the spur of the moment…I doubt I’d do a planned visit…any time soon…

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      3. I graduated almost 40 years ago and the place still spooked me. I’ve been back a few times soon after I graduated and then…it was too much as time went on. And I live pretty close to the place. Well, I’m glad I made the attempt, and I don’t fear the memories as much as I did, but you won’t see me at any reunions anytime soon.

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