close – – haiku

close to metal

a feather spin

from the bush



©️2019 Ontheland

4 thoughts on “close – – haiku

  1. I didn’t really understand what this haiku was about; but here’s what I think. I read the bush as being close to the metal of a gate, and the gate being so light and well-balanced as to be light as a feather’s spin. I saw a gate like this in Berlin today. I didn’t take a picture of it but should have, now that I’ve read your haiku.

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    1. It’s always interesting to hear about the images that come up. My starting point was how birds swoop in so close to moving cars but fortunately and miraculously spin to safety (this seems to be happening a lot lately … young birds, busy birds). I realized after I wrote it that besides cars there are many other kinds of metal birds need to dodge such as wires and arms of wind turbines…and perhaps metal gates, even the featherlight ones.


  2. A very observant/perceptive haiku Janice yet also addressing the impact of human technology on the freedom of birds. Sadly every time I drive on our rural roads too much evidence shows not all birds are as lucky as your lucky one.

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    1. Thank you Dennis. Sadly that’s true. There are many miraculous escapes but I have seen dead ones too. Fortunately we’ve had only one collision…it was on a highway…it was very sudden with no warning.


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