milky way nothing what it seems

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Haikai Challenge #100 Milky Way

Astro photo by FelixMittermeier

11 thoughts on “milky

    1. The challenge is to write a form of Japanese poetry…haiku, Renga, tanka, haiga, haibun, etc. This time I chose to try a monoku, a one-line haiku. The weekly challenge, open to all, is hosted by Frank Tassone. His website might be of interest to you as well as…besides his own writing, he provides exposure to a wide range of blogs in the world of haiku, haiga, haibun, etc

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  1. There were probably a few starting points some more shareable than others. The most concrete one was the challenge (Frank Tassone’s weekly Haikai Challenge) to write a poem that refers or alludes to the Milky Way or River of Heaven. From there I considered my current associations with ‘milky way’ both the words and the phenomena. The Milky Way is our galaxy of course, the stars we see being many light years away separated from us by time and space…I have been exploring modern physics off and on lately and coincidentally, there was a podcast yesterday on the radio talking about the expanding universe and how what we see out there in space is constantly changing…I find it all quite mind blowing.

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