August – – haiku



chicory blue



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11 thoughts on “August – – haiku

    1. It’s a fascinating plant the way different buds open every day and more as time goes on it seems…I love their blue…not easy to capture the full effect in a photo.


      1. I love it, but husband isn’t too thrilled. I don’t know if it’s because of the very dry year we’ve had but we’re overrun with it in the paths we try to keep cut so we can walk around the place. Chicory and sow thistle is all that’s growing in some places. The grass and low-growing plants were frazzled in the heat.

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      2. I am learning that some plants can be inconvenient if they are right where you need to walk… but beautiful in the other in between areas. And when the grasses go crispy it’s nice to have the colour of other plants.


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