heat wave – – haiku

heat wave

broad leaves advancing

in the haze



©️2019 Ontheland

11 thoughts on “heat wave – – haiku

    1. Yes the summer squash is going to town with its leaves and hopefully its zucchini catch up… not enough moisture so far I believe. And the other plant is a young Mullein…a plant that I nurture because they are so majestic.

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  1. How inspiring to see how well your garden is doing in the hot weather. We are in the middle of a very cold winter over here and the dirt is too cold for me to put my hands into. Your photos remind me that winter will soon become spring.

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    1. I like your description of the coldness as being too cold to put your hands in the dirt. It gives me a good idea of how cold it is where you are. While you are feeling the tug for spring, I am placing fall in the distant horizon (as much as I love fall it feels like summer needs to
      hang around for a while).

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    2. It’s comments like yours that remind me how much there is to love about the world wide web. Imagine being in the middle of a heat wave and have someone write you from the other end o’th’earth speaking of frost and snow.

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