wild rose – – haiku

wild rose…

five soft petals by the fence

pale in Northern light



This week’s Haikai Challenge prompt is ‘desert rose’, Rosa Stellata, a wild rose native to North America’s Southwest. Looking into the world of wild roses I am struck by the similarities and differences of multiple species. Near my home lives the pasture rose or Rosa Carolina. Out west, Alberta’s provincial flower is Rosa acicularis and there is also a prairie rose, Rosa setigera.

Rosa Stellata image by Patrick J Alexander hosted by the USDA-NRCS Plants Database


A wild pasture rose near my house in Ontario

©️2019 Ontheland

10 thoughts on “wild rose – – haiku

  1. My one grandfather grew roses in his retirement. The large bush roses. Out my way there is a park that has different gardens; one is devoted to just roses. The names and colors are unique and varies.

    I believe some roses – rose hips make tea 🙂

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      1. Rosehip tea is an herbal tea made from the fruit of the rose plant. Rose hips are the rounded part of the flower just below the petals. They are also known as dog rose fruit and hip fruit. There are two main types of rose hips used to make tea: Rosa rugosa and Rosa canina.


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