biting bugs – – haiku

I have been outside many hours lately, cutting grass and setting up the garden. Though enjoying spring’s coolness, it has not all been paradise.


blue moon madness –

swarms of mosquitoes

out to get me


biting bugs –

I wonder why

I like gardening


too attractive –

I add more scents

to ward them off


©️2019 Ontheland

13 thoughts on “biting bugs – – haiku

    1. I love moving around in the fresh air. But the swarms of biters are not only unpleasant they carry West Nile virus and Lyme disease (ticks)…nevertheless, it’s not likely I’ll stop altogether… I’ll just consider faster ways to work and other solutions when they are having a feeding frenzy.


    1. I am glad too but the bugs are a nightmare this year…but I persevere until I have to flee back into the house. When I’m putting in little transplants I don’t even have hands to slap with…not that they care. At one point I was convinced that joining in with the bird whistling was keeping them at bay…not sure it was but I had more fun.

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