spring floods – – haiku

Rain and more rain fills the roadside ditch a safe distance away from my house. I think of the people in my hometown fleeing the Ottawa River.

spring floods –

holding ponds fill with

climate petitions



©️2019 Ontheland

CBC News Report April 30, 2019


11 thoughts on “spring floods – – haiku

  1. Love the poem, but does it still qualify as a haiku when it has 12 syllables, rather than 17? I think it’s great whatever; this is just a query, open for discussion, as have been having a go at writing haiku’s myself, and was criticised for using a 6, 5, 6 pattern, instead of the usual 5, 7, 5. Rules are made to be broken, in my opinion!

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    1. Modern haiku poets don’t feel bound by the traditional syllable count. One reason is that haiku is a Japanese form originally and the linguistic units they were counting are smaller than English syllables. I prefer less than 17 syllables…feels more smooth. You might be interested in exploring The Haiku Foundation website. There is much to read there. They also have an app full of haiku in a wide range of styles. Thanks for asking :))

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    1. Not quite winter again here, but chilly (which is perhaps what you’re referring to). It’s too cold to harden seedlings on the porch…a usual process at this time of year. Nothing is ‘usual’ these days.


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