sleet – – tanka

My return from Toronto is almost doubled in time by rush hour traffic. I consider how so many people contend with this every day.


sleet splashing

an endless line of traffic

winding past daffodils

my wandering mind

on a short leash


©️2019 Ontheland

11 thoughts on “sleet – – tanka

  1. Janice, you capture the dreaded rush hour perfectly in this tanka!😀 Although I don’t have a regular commute at such hours I’ve often been caught up in it … it must be soul-destroying to do it every day and I can identify with a ‘wandering mind/On a short leash’.

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    1. Thank you, Annika…and possibly back-destroying 😉 My mind had to be on a particularly short leash because not knowing the route I had to figure out where to be for the exit and avoid missing it.

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  2. The wandering mind on a short leash – there are a lot of meaning to this deceptively simple phrase – and I was thinking of when I worked in the city, took the train or subway, and how the line became the leash of work, expanding to let me go home, and pulling me back in. I did not mind it back then, I liked my work. In my current stage of life I am glad to be leash free. Fantastic poem you wrote here, I think.

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