recovery – – haiku

convalescence –

the circuitous path

of a northern spring


©️2019 Ontheland

forest path by ivabalk

8 thoughts on “recovery – – haiku

    1. The picture is a spring picture, but taken from a website called Pixabay. Here spring is not quite as far along and slower than usual. I can see sprouts of fresh grass and chives coming up. The tree buds are probably waking up but their changes are still subtle.


      1. No ‘cheating’ in my mind…the caption gives credit and a link to the source. When I post a picture with a poem, the poem isn’t meant to define the image … and the image isn’t meant to define the poem. I see it as a complementary arrangement.


      2. No, the cheating isn’t in regard to the caption or linking to the source or even whether the picture defines the poem. The cheating is in getting ahead of spring herself. This year, it seems, she won’t be rushed.


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