saezuri – – haibun

This morning I awake to birds and the sump pump clearing yesterday’s rains from the foundation of the house.



over the ocean

of spring mornings

soft twitters above

a deep hum below


I open the curtain to a field of white.


the birds chirp

over drifting snow – –

a March closing


For Frank Tassone’s Haikai Challenge #79 – twittering – saezuri

©️2019 Ontheland

16 thoughts on “saezuri – – haibun

  1. This is the type of weather that is both illusive and riddled with illusions.
    One never knows just what to wear for the day.
    Over the weekend the days were clear bright and warm, but we’ve had two nights dip below thirty degrees.
    Though it has been known to snow in April – It hasn’t done so yet… here anyway.

    Your photo has an old time feel to it. The lighting reminds me of the 1960’s.
    I was up north last week, and the lake there had ice, and there was reminders that winter hadn’t quite given up yet.

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    1. Hi Jules….here it is known to snow in May…but that is much less likely than April…usually the last frost is early to mid May. This year so far seems to have a cold consistency which for me is better than the spring that entices bulbs to sprout and then hits with a freeze. Your comment about the old time feel is interesting… it was a grey morning so the lighting was quite muted…I applied an edit to bring the colour up a notch.

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      1. We do have a saying about planting in the ground to… wait until after May 15th. Though I think some green houses and cold sheds have already started in prep for outside gardens.

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