gazing – – haiku

gazing at spring

the cat on the window ledge

in a pot of grass



©️2019 Ontheland

13 thoughts on “gazing – – haiku

  1. //Dogs in particular have been transformed from a wild animal to a sort of human accessory.//

    Yeah, but dogs like us. They really do. Studies show that when given the chance, dogs prefer socializing with human rather than other dogs. Our partnership has been a tremendous benefit to both our species, though not without snags. Humans abuse their dogs while dogs maim and kill humans. Dogs may have changed us as much as we changed them.

    And the way we deform their bodies goes deeper than first glances. Turns out, dogs have this really cool bit of genetic material that’s uniquely malleable and gummy. You can’t, for example, do with cats what we do with dogs. It allows dogs to rapidly adjust (or evolve) to our needs. You can see that as us taking advantage of them, but you can also see as part of a dog’s evolutionary toolkit that allows them to always be the friend we need — and to their benefit. That too comes with snags, but nothing in this world is care free.

    I write all that as a dog owner and lover. Have a cat too. And occasionally wheat grass.

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