winter woes: haibun

Winter is a time of ‘calamities’ I realize as I slide 4 feet stepping off the front porch…the morning snow melted and refroze to ice. Later, safely seated inside, I scroll through memories of past winters since we moved out of the city…the door lock frozen after service hours (we went to a motel); the slow skid and collision (lesson: winter tires are essential); the unfortunate bird that smashed our windshield on the highway; the year I had to drive with a door open as the back latch was frozen; the year the house fuel tank froze–we paid for a service call for a simple fix that could have been suggested over the phone.

This week the car windshield cracked overnight in a severe temperature plunge and to top it off I learned at the garage that mice had once again destroyed the air filter.

a second income

if they paid rent

mice in the cabin filter

While the windshield was being replaced I walked over to the local library. This involved crossing at lights over five lanes of suburban roadway. Not all sidewalks are plowed so choosing a route took some thought. In the end I discovered that the presence of snow revealed a shorter route.


suburban lots

paths carved in snow


©️2019 Ontheland

6 thoughts on “winter woes: haibun

    1. They feel like adventures in the past tense 🙂 I take away ideas for prevention each time and then a new ‘one’ comes along. The mice are a long term work in progress (poison is not an option)…

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  1. Sorry to hear about your winter woes Janice, even though they make for a lovely haibun 💜 Hope you find a peaceful solution for the mice and you’ll stay safe and warm the rest of this Winter 🙂💖🍀

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    1. Thank you Xenia. Unexpected happenings such as these are a nuisance at the time but it was amusing to realize how every year a new one pops up…my latest plan for the mice is to plant mint all around the garage to make it an unpopular neighbourhood…(it’s an idea anyway…)

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