full moon: haiku

Last week under a spectacular full moon serious road accidents occurred in sub-zero temperatures.

sirens wail

death spins on black ice

winter moon


“Black ice” is a transparent film of ice that is difficult for drivers to detect, the blackness being the colour of the pavement under the ice.

©️2018 Ontheland

For Haikai Challenge #62 Winter Moon

17 thoughts on “full moon: haiku

    1. Black ice concerned me particularly so early in the season when people are sometimes less alert or don’t have appropriate tires on yet. And then there was the full moon tugging the strings of fate 😉

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  1. Last week we were only supposed to get two inches of snow and got around 7-9!
    Even in the waning daylight the roads were hazardous. I had one neighbor who wanted to go out for gas for her snow blower – I told her – listen sirens are out – have some of mine – and please don’t go out!

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    1. My goodness! We’ve been lucky so far with very little snow to shovel. In fact I’ve just swept off the front steps and did a fast scrape down the sidewalk and a small touch up in front of the garage.

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