Rugged descent: haiku


worn soles

on a rocky descent

prayer grips each rock

(Troutswirl, A Sense of Place: Hiking Trail–touch, November 21, 2018)


on the downslope

balancing between rocks and sky

trees extend hands


©️2018 Ontheland

Those who relate to these haiku may have hiked down a steep, rocky forest trail with less than full-grip boots and/or a tender sense of balance.

8 thoughts on “Rugged descent: haiku

  1. I used to do a lot of trail running and these really spoke to me. I was a terrible downhill runner, very timid. How many times did I grab a tree branch or trunk to steady myself? These are true to life and beautifully expressed.

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      1. In races I actually pulled off the trail and let people stacked up behind me pass, I was so slow and afraid, and that is saying a lot that I would do that, because I was pretty aggressive as a runner (the family story is how one time I pushed aside a guy dressed as a Thanksgiving turkey, which I did do, but I did say excuse me, and he was running SO SLOW and in the middle of the road) but I digress, that was not a trail run. I don’t know why downhill was so challenging for me when I observed so many people (of all ages) leaping along, but it was…

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      2. That’s an hilarious aside about the turkey guy. Your slowing down when others were leaping shows strength to follow your own instincts…whatever your reason for caution it was probably a good one.

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