Fort Fright

On top of the hill

where two rivers meet

a Halloween event

lighted up by Hunter’s Moon,

warm wood smoke and History.


I have been hoping to witness the second full moon of autumn for the last few days. The official full moon day was Wednesday but viewing can be good a few days before and after the official date. Unfortunately my moon view was blocked by cloud cover until Thursday night when I was at Fort Henry, an historical site on the St Lawrence and Cataraqui Rivers, for an event called ‘Fort Fright’.

©️2018 Ontheland

5 thoughts on “Fort Fright

  1. sounds like you lucked out for the event and catching the moon too 🙂
    we had clouds too the actual “full” night, but she was beautiful before and after, so it all ends well … 🙂

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    1. I get some enjoyment from events at the Fort but I’ve realized for me the real event is being up on that hill where rivers meet, aware of how the landscape was once more rugged ( eg no paving or electric spotlights) and the full moon, a bonus 🙂

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      1. it’s always a special moment when you can be in a place and “see” how it once was, before the march of time and man has changed the wildness of a place …. it must certainly offer some pleasure and peace to feel the old energies still running beneath the electrical “now”. 🙂

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