sky dance haiku

sky dance

on an autumn day

warms the sun


©️2018 Ontheland

7 thoughts on “sky dance haiku

    1. I think they are starlings but I don’t really know for sure. I witnessed many birds in my yard that day including a few robins. The ones closest to the deck (and closed to me at the door) had multi shades of colour shining from black. As far as the swooping and flying gang is concerned it seemed to be a feeding project… up into the trees and back into various spots in the yard. The final disappearance seemed to be over the trees at the back of the photo which would have been West.


    2. This is a second attempt to reply Lindy. Rechecking back to my photos I am realizing that in my first reply I was talking about birds I saw yesterday (Sunday) and there is one photo of them with my post for Tuesday morning. The birds with Sky dance haiku were seen a week ago (October 21). I am once again not sure about their navigation but I can tell you that West is roughly at the top of the photo, North to the right and so on.


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