the scarecrow: a haibun

Five years ago I put a scarecrow up in my garden….there was no crow problem but I thought it would be a fun, perhaps practical, addition. I had a ready made t-bar on hand…it could easily wear a shirt and hat.  That was it. I added no head, stuffing, or legs (what was I thinking?). Today as I gaze at the photo I am guessing the chard enjoyed the garden company, the mild buffering of sun and wind, but that was not the only result — back in 2013 there was an amusing surprise: sparrows appreciated the scarecrow.  By mid-summer they had stuffed the hat with straw and made a nest.

summer attraction

under a hat on a roost

scarecrow smiles


©️2018 Ontheland

In response to Haikai Challenge #55 Scarecrow

Source: dsdinternational on Pixabay

23 thoughts on “the scarecrow: a haibun

  1. how unexpectedly delightful and amazing! nature and the creatures offer such ingenious solutions to things – needs must out – and talk about being practical too! How wonderful a surprise and what fun too – just for the act of creating and then seeing so much more unfold!

    Lovely piece Janice! both the scarecrow and of course, I mean, your words 🙂

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  2. What a fun surprise – smart sparrows!

    (If I mentioned about sending a photo of something to you, I’ve forgotten what it was supposed to be…)

    While in New Mexico we happened upon an art/craft festival. One stand had gourds hollowed out – some of which could be homes for birds. 🙂

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