in the coneflowers—haiku

in October chill

dining in the coneflowers

small bird on its own


©️2018 Ontheland

I was curious about this bird, not seen before, so hungry and alone. A few days later I saw a couple more with similar features flutter and fly from the same flowers.

9 thoughts on “in the coneflowers—haiku

    1. Thank you Lindy! I was hoping someone would come up with an ID. Our first thought was finch but then there didn’t seem to be a fit with guide pics. Then I thought maybe one of the many warblers but still no pics were close enough to say for sure.


  1. it’s amazing how the bird just blends in so well with the camouflage of the flowers, enjoying the harvest, safely … how wonderful it is you’ve managed to sneak a shot … 🙂

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    1. The camouflage is interesting as the bird has yellow tones and the leaves are turning yellow. This little one was fairly tame…he would flutter off and then return, his or her snacking being more significant than my presence.

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      1. it’s so cool when nature just does what it instinctively must to survive and thrive – and personally, I mostly like the “startle” factor of happening upon a scene and having some element spring to life 🙂

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