fall passage

My home is becoming a dark winter house again, the annual transition to a new rhythm entering my consciousness—grey shadows, more dullness than light, cold and damp seeping through every crack. I search within for the subtle changes I need at this time of year.  Have I always felt this tired tug of hibernation as winter draws near?  My one-size-fits-all gloves come out of storage along with a black toque for chilly autumn air, the baseball cap back on the hook. I open the curtains wide and lift the blinds to gather in every ray of light. Aromas of herbs and stews fill the kitchen with warmth. Breezes from the open window uplift my languid spirits.

rain water dripping

from the yellow ash

one lantern of fall


©️2018 Ontheland

Frank J. Tassone’s Haikai Challenge #53 marks the challenge’s first anniversary. For this occasion we are invited to use ‘anniversary’ as our theme and/or a favourite kigo from the past year. For me a favourite kigo is one that fits my current situation so I chose ‘darkness’ (a kigo from last October).

10 thoughts on “fall passage

  1. The colorful leaves of autumn as lanterns…. I really like that.
    I normally didn’t have to rise until the sun rose… but for a few weeks now I’ll have to be getting up early to take my grandson to school – it is so dark in the morning.
    And then the sun sets to early now. 🙂

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