Before the storm

duck heads feather tucked

sentinels by the water

standing on one leg


in unison

graceful sway of consensus

grasses in the wind


first leaf scatter

in autumn winds’ ocean roar

time to surrender


©️2018 Ontheland

Note: my photo shows both geese and ducks standing on one leg.

14 thoughts on “Before the storm

    1. What I gather from a quick google is that it conserves warmth and wears out one leg at a time…apparently they sleep when standing like this. I thought at first it was an optical illusion but looking closer I realized it wasn’t.

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  1. I hope you weathered the storm without incident … what a whopper that was! thankfully we didn’t get the worst of it – by any stretch, a miracle in itself since there were alters to the west and just slightly south of here, … it was just crazy though.

    As for the ducks and geese – weird how they do that, although geese and ducks do sleep “sitting” down too – I guess it depends on location, and since water is “safer” from predators, generally, to be tucked up and standing, is one of way of “sleeping with one eye open” …. And I suspect, much like other animals, it’s also some unknown signal system that relays messages to others and offers clues as to impending changes on the horizon.

    lovely series/story haiku …

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    1. Thank you, Pat. We were fortunate too…just exceptionally high winds and rain. I am enormously grateful that no tornados came by as they did near Ottawa and Gatineau. I concluded there was some connection to the coming storm (the way the birds were standing) because I’d never seen them like that in the late afternoon. Your ideas about functions and signals make sense.

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      1. glad to hear that everything was good your way 🙂

        I’ve often observed other animals doing the same … hunkering down, or changing their postures, stances when there is some sort of phenomenon about to happen … fascinating tell-tale signs, sometimes impossible to understand, such is the mystery.

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