Autumn memories

Autumn leaves scatter on the sidewalk a block from home

Back from a first day of school inhaling musty maple

Cool breeze, long sleeves, polished shoes and a flutter of news

Days of firsts dangling fresh books, a new teacher and friends

Etched in memory, each September of slanting light

Fuel for a spirit treading toward dark December nights.


©️2018 Ontheland

Lillian at dVerse challenged us to write an ‘Alphabet Sestet’, a six-line poem using any consecutive series of alphabet letters to commence each line. I went with ABCDEF.

23 thoughts on “Autumn memories

  1. Love your imagery here — you’ve captured those first days of school so well! And at the same time, you’ve captured the fall season….especially like September’s slanting light. So glad you posted to the prompt!

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  2. I love the details, a block from home, the musty maple leaf smell, polished shoes, long sleeves, the dangling fresh books, and all the news bursting to be told — and the last line to reveal why this recall is so important fuel to take into the dark December. Very well written!

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