autumn winds

Inspired by Frank’s 50th Haikai Challenge, I explore some of my recent encounters with autumn winds. They herald the gradual shift from summer to fall:


a subtle coolness

whiffs of air through the window

autumn is moving in


the green tarp is gone

did a thief pass by today?

gusts of autumn wind


close to heatstroke

cleaning the shed at summer end

I catch a breeze


new winds are blowing

autumn into everything

porch chimes singing


©️2018 Ontheland

23 thoughts on “autumn winds

    1. Thanks Claudia. I’m still not sure if it was the wind or a human hand or perhaps a combination of both because usually if the wind blows something I find it, even if it’s across the yard or across the road.

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  1. These are all great. The one about the green tarp appeals – it feels like something Issa could have written. The first one says it all for me though – a classic haiku.

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