September Tan Renga (5)

Red clover (image from Pixabay)


on a clover path

in the gentle hum of bees

village sounds are near (my hokku)

the temple bell stops but I still hear

the sound coming out of the flowers

(final two lines from Basho—see below)


For this Carpe Diem Tan Renga challenge Chevrefeuille offers a twist. Instead of asking for a response to a featured haiku, he has provided the final two lines for which we are to write a haiku (hokku) to precede it. Basho’s words are taken from his haibun ‘Narrow Road into the Deep North’.

21 thoughts on “September Tan Renga (5)

  1. oh absolutely well done Janice ~ you’ve handled the twist in the challenge really well – I think you’ve served Basho’s “closing/end lines” superbly well!

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      1. I know what you mean, – I’ve been thinking on it – so it is hard to “back-step it into being” – but you’ve really captured the essence and spirit I think; very impressive.

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    1. I believe I’ve had red clover honey in the past…not as common as white clover honey here…and yes the flavour and colour varies with the flowers. Thanks Jules…I enjoy thinking about honey 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Annika. I have the same hum in my garden. At first I was quite nervous about being stung but I’ve become much more relaxed…they’re not into confrontation any more than I am.

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