Renga with Basho #7

It’s time for another Renga with Basho. For this challenge the haiku offered by Chevrefeuille, our Carpe Diem host, are translations by Robert Hass. The bold three-line stanzas are by Basho, renowned  Japanese poet (1644-1694), and the italicized two-line stanzas are mine.


by the old temple

peach blossoms;

a man treading rice


golden manna from the storehouse

each grain a nourishing pearl


all the day long

yet not long enough for the skylark

singing, singing


old farmers toil and hum

whispering paddies rustle


the shallows

a crane’s thighs splashed

in cool waves


an evening in the rice fields

quiet moments bathed in peace


the dragonfly

can’t quite land

on that blade of grass


we shall spread a blanket

under the shady willow 


I’m a wanderer

so let that be my name

the first winter rain


when peach leaves are falling

my staff will be by my side


Thank you to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai for this challenge.  As mentioned above, the bolded stanzas are by Matsuo Basho, as translated by Robert Hass, and the two-line italicized stanzas were written by me.

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